The 37th Gifu Symposium "Anatomical Drawings - Scientific Art, Awaken from Sleep"

On Saturday, March 27, 2021, Gifu University hosted the 37th Symposium, "Anatomical Drawings - Scientific Art, Awaken from Sleep" at the University Auditorium and online as well out of concerns for COVID-19 infections. Forty five people took part in the symposium in the auditorium, and 59 joined online across Japan.

The anatomical drawings are a collection of illustrations possessed by the School of Medicine, Gifu University, and have been stored at "Archive Core*" within the University Library.

In the first section of the symposium titled, "Anatomical Drawings from Multiple Standpoints," six guest speakers spoke about how anatomical illustrations were used in the past, its history, drawing methods, scientific art modern history (specimen sketches, etc.) and some episodes of Dr. Toshio Tange, who created the original drawings for Gifu University. All the speakers made presentations full of pictures, illustrations which attracted a lot of attentions from the audience.

In the second session with the title, "General Discussion: Meaning and Contribution of Anatomical Drawings," the six speakers held discussions with the audience in the auditorium, which gave them some insights into the world of scientific art.

At the entrance hall of the library (next to the auditorium), digitally reconstructed anatomical drawings are on display. Many visited the site during the breaks of the symposium.

Anatomical drawings were commonly used at many educational institutions across Japan when digital technology was not available, and most of such drawings are not well preserved or are already disposed of. The drawings of Dr. Tange which have been well taken care of by the staff of Gifu University for years, are no doubt invaluable assets to the university. We continued to work for adding new values to Gifu University through making a database of these drawings.

Archive Core*: Archive Core opened in June, 2019 as part of Academic Archives programs of Gifu University 70th Anniversary events. It is the storage space for proper and permanent preservation and use of historical and academic materials possessed by each faculty, school, etc. of Gifu University.

Second Session (General Discussions)
Anatomical Drawings Exhibition


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