Emergency & Risk Management Seminar during Travelling Abroad

On February 26, 2020, the International Affairs and Planning Division, Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL) hosted "GU-GLOCAL FD* Emergency & Risk Management Seminar during Travelling Abroad" for the teaching and administrative staff of Gifu University.

The seminar started with an opening speech by Executive Director for International Relations and Public Relations (Vice President) Dr. Fumiaki Suzuki. It was followed by the following two lectures:

- "Basic knowledge of health management while travelling abroad" by Dr. Mayumi Yamamoto, Director/Professor of the Health Administration Center (HAC)

- "Emergency & risk management for students going abroad" by Ms. Haruko Nonomura, Director for International Affairs and Planning, GU-GLOCAL.

By citing a couple of examples, Dr. Yamamoto first spoke about the types of recommended vaccinations by countries, and importance of continuing efforts for health management both at home and abroad. She also mentioned the principal roles of HAC as a "core health consultation provider" on campus, and called for the audience to read the distributed "Study Abroad Guidance on Health" handouts carefully.

Next, Ms. Nonomura introduced that the number of students studied abroad in 2018 had doubled from 2014. She continued speaking of GU-GLOCAL's various pre-departure support programs, and criteria to be met by those who are considering going abroad. She also touched on "Emergency & Risk Management Manual" that dictates the university's travelling overseas policies. It illustrates a systematic flow of pre-and-post departure procedures including how to apply for traveler's insurance.

The seminar was attended by approximately 40 people. One of the messages found in the questionnaires read, "I strongly felt the needs of updating my information on travelling abroad."

By their attendance at the seminar, the participants had reaffirmed the significance and necessity of information gathering and sharing in collaboration with the teaching and administrative staff in order to address constantly changing global situations.

*FD: Faculty Development

Dr. Yamamoto speaking before the audience
Ms. Nonomura speaking before the audience
Scene of the seminar


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