Eco-Master Grand Prix 2018: Ranks Second in Student Division, Eco Test Award 2018: Wins Prize for Encouragement in Eco Unit Division

The awarding ceremonies for eco-MASTER GRAND PRIX 2018 and Eco Test Award 2018 were held at the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tokyo on October 26, 2018. The Gifu University student team ranked second in the student division of the eco-MASTER GRAND PRIX 2018. In this competition, a team of three (examinees of Eco Test) compete with one another for their knowledge about a wide range of environmental issues. The top prize goes to the team with the highest scores combined. The Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test) is organized and managed by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is considered to be the first step in the environmental education for people to address ever-complicated and diversified environmental issues in a comprehensive, systematic manners. The test is also regarded to be instrumental for people in building their business careers and leading a healthy, sound life.

The winning Gifu University student team and Professor Osamu Sakurada (Faculty of Engineering, a chief environment manager of the university) visited the Office of President on November 9, 2018. They reported their success to President Hisataka Moriwaki. "Please hand over your achievements to your juniors and make them one of the university's endeavors for protection of the environment." said the president. The team started to meet to study from May this year and took the test in July. The team's awarding will be reported on "Academic Core Newsletter No. 29 (to be released in November)" Gifu University will continue to support students interested in taking the tests.


Gifu University was also awarded the Prize for Encouragement in the Eco Unit Division of the Eco Test Award 2018. The award is designed to honor successful examinees called "Eco People" who are actively engaging in protection of the environment, as well as achievements made by the Eco Unit in an effort to expand and extend conservation activities. Gifu University was acknowledged for the following three projects; 1) campus conservation activities in accordance with Gifu University's declaration as "environmental university", 2) students' participation in the internal environmental auditing, and 3) installing of a "green ecological wall (vines acting as a sun shade)" Gifu University is committed to implementing its environment protection programs/projects in the years to come.

「eco-MASTER GRAND PRIX 2018」学生部門
Award ceremony in student division of eco-MASTER
「eco検定アワード2018」 エコユニット部門
Award ceremony in Eco Unit of Eco Test Award 2018


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