Gifu University-Meijo University Administrative Staff Exchange Training Program

The Gifu University-Meijo University Administrative Staff Exchange Training Program was held for two weeks from September 3, 2018. Two staff each from the respective universities attended the program. They worked together while frequently interacted with one another.

The major objectives of this program are to develop human resources who can contribute to the growth of university beyond the boundaries of national and private universities. The roles of administrative staff are more important than ever today to support a wide range of comprehensive projects/programs in education, research and student support, which involve both the national and private universities.

First, the participants introduced their assignments and exchanged opinions about their work. They realized a wide difference in performing their duties, which led to the reviewing of business practices in place at their own universities.

The program offered a rare opportunity to the participants to become aware of big differences among universities. In the faculty staff meeting, they discussed how to be attentive to campus activities of their own and other universities to introduce, compare and contrast the projects/programs now underway at their universities. At the end of the meeting, many expressed their wishes for their attendance at information-sharing or study meetings in the future.

Program reporting session
Participants observing the emergency medical helicopter
"Doctor Heli" of the University Hospital


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