Fall 2016 Certificate Ceremony for Gifu University Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders is held

On September 2016, the Fall 2016 Certificate Ceremony for Gifu University Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leasers (BWEL) was held for Mr. Kader Mohammad Abdul (Bangladesh), a second-year student of the special program for international students of the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences at the President's Office. The Ceremony was joined by President Hisataka Moriwaki, Dr. Fumiaki Suzuki, Executive Director for International Affairs and Public Relations, Director of Gifu University Head Office for Glocalization: GHOGL), Professor Yoshio Awaya, Director of the River Basin Research Center, Dr. Fusheng Li, Director of the BWEL Promotion Office and Mr. Yoshifumi Ono, Director of the Academic and International Affairs Department.

After President Moriwaki handed the certificate to Mr. Abdul, the attendees talked together for some time. President Moriwaki gave Mr. Abdul the following word of encouragement by mentioning water environment problems in Bangladesh: "We all hope for your great success as an environmental leader at the Bangladesh state research institute that you are going to work for after returning home. We also expect your successful research activities through close contact with Gifu University by making the best possible use of the Gifu University Dhaka Office."

Mr. Abdul expressed his wish by saying, "As a graduate student of BWEL Program, I will do my utmost in my research and work activities on the strength of a wide range of knowledge, insight and communication skills I nurtured by attending joint seminars, environmental leader special training programs and off-campus group research activities that the BWEL Program offered to me."

President Moriwaki handing the certificate
to Mr. Kader Mohammad Abdul
Meeting with the President
Group photo


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