The 46th Gifu University Forum, Environmental University Forum

Gifu University held the 46th Gifu University Forum entitled, "Environmental University Forum" at the General Education Building on November 4, 2015.

Gifu University designates November as Environmental Month based on the date of its Environmental University declaration, and holds the Environmental University Forum every year as a related event. Inviting Mr. Koki Ikeya, Curator of Gifu World Fresh Water Aquarium "Aquatotto Gifu", the Environmental University Forum was attended by 173 people from inside and outside Gifu University (92 teaching and administrative staff, 64 students and 17 citizens).

After the opening speech of President Hisataka Moriwaki, Mr. Masaki Yokoyama, Executive Director for General Affairs and Finance, led the Forum as the facilitator. First, Mr. Ikeya delivered a lecture titled "Curator of Aquatotto Reveals the Truth of the Aquarium - Biodiversity and Painstaking Efforts of Aquarium Staff." In this lecture, he disclosed the fact that displays of plants and animals at aquariums are often far from the natural environment, and said that he tries his best to recreate the original natural environment for the creatures through on-site investigation, aiming at the establishment of an aquarium with the fewest differences from the natural environment. He also introduced his activities to preserve rare species of fish by taking an example of an endangered species, the Itasenpara bitterling, which he has been breeding.

After the lecture, Mr. Ikeya had a discussion session with Dr. Takahiko Mukai, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Regional Studies, and answered many questions from the participants. Some participants were still asking Mr. Ikeya questions after the forum and showed a high level of interest in his presentation.

Gifu University will continuously gather a variety of knowledge to promote environmental measures.

President Moriwaki giving an opening speech
Mr. Yokoyama serving as a facilitator
Mr. Ikeya giving a presentation
Discussion Session


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